About US

Our mission is to help people travel efficiently and safely.


Our Team

Blaine Vess

Co-Founder & CEO

Blaine has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. He founded his last company, Student Brands, as a freshman in college in 1999 when he saw an opportunity to create a way for students to share study materials online. He never raised any funding and he grew Student Brands from a dorm room project to a company that reaches 20 million unique visitors per month. Barnes & Noble Education (NYSE:BNED) acquired Student Brands for $58.5 million in cash in August 2017.

Blaine stepped away from Student Brands in 2015 to create something new. He was traveling significantly and was becoming more familiar with the complexities of the airport experience. After finding a way to expedite the immigration/customs process in Thailand, he decided to build Solve, with a goal of saving people time in airports and ensuring their safety.

Blaine has been to about thirty countries. He’s been to Japan about fifteen times, he spent a month in Seoul, and he loves to visit London. The most unusual place he’s visited is North Korea, and the most memorable travel experience he’s had was celebrating New Year’s Eve on the Oriental Express on a trip from Singapore to Bangkok.

Shawn Sheikh

Co-Founder & GM

Shawn’s biggest belief is that time is the most valuable thing we can invest in and it shouldn’t be invested in waiting at the airport.

Shawn loves to eat and plans his vacations around restaurants and nightlife with unique tastes and experiences. So far, Shanghai is his favorite city in the world, but he’s excited to continue exploring the rest of the world.

Prior to Solve, Shawn founded Dus, a social app that acquired over 100,000 users in its first two months of launch. Shawn also consulted for multiple San Francisco hotels, tripling revenue for each in just under a year. He is a proud alumnus of the UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business.

Justin Vencel

Co-Founder & CTO

Justin prides himself on not being your ordinary engineer, eating and breathing technology, but never looking the part.

He was the first web dev at the ad tech startup citizenNet which recently sold to Condé Nast and more recently finished revamping the tech stack at the Ed Tech company Student Brands.

Justin originally made the move to California to escape the Chicago winters and in search of the exploding west coast the tech scene.

He can regularly be found enjoying the outdoors with some of his favorite activities rock climbing, camping, and snowboarding.