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We save passengers time and ensure their safety. We meet them at their arrival gate or at the departure terminal and expedite the security, immigration, and customs processes. If we’re helping with an arrival, we make sure passengers are safely in their vehicle heading to their true destination. Our services are available in nearly 500 airports around the world, and we assist everyone from frequent business passengers who want to get through the airport quickly to families who just need a little extra help.

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Airport Meet and Greet


Our departure service will get you to your flight quickly and effortlessly. Your Solve Concierge will be waiting for you at the curbside and provide:

Baggage Assistance

We will carry all your luggage and escort you to your airline’s check-in area. If desired and available at your airport, we can also protect and insure your bags at one of the airport’s secure wrapping stations. (Security wrapping fees are not included in Solve service)

Claiming VAT refunds

Obtaining tax refunds for your purchases abroad doesn't need to be complicated. Your Solve Concierge knows the local procedures to expedite and maximize your refund before you take off.

Check In

We determine the fastest check-in option based on your airline and frequent flyer status, including access to priority and private check in counters when available. Your Concierge will assist with travel documentation, seat selection and baggage options.

Fast-Track Security, Immigrations & Customs Clearance

Avoid waiting in line and juggling carry-ons and travel documents: we will whisk you through airport security, immigrations and customs, and in some cases, escort you through exclusive lanes.

Duty Free Shopping Assistance

With hundreds of stores to choose from at some large airports, duty free shopping can be time consuming and overwhelming. We can tailor your shopping experience to your tastes and budget, and help you access any available discounts.

Lounge Access Assistance

Not all lounges are created equal: we can advise on free options with your frequent flyer status, airfare class, and loyalty cards, or paid options at airline lounges, alliance lounges, and third-party lounges. (Lounge entry fees are not included in Solve service)

Escort to Gate

Your Solve Concierge will make sure you board on time and with minimal wait, providing access to special needs airport services and priority boarding options when applicable.

Airport Assistance


Our connection service can handle all types of connecting flights within the same airport: domestic-to-international, international-to-domestic, and international-to-international. Transfer service allocates three hours per traveling party, but we can make accommodations on a case by case basis. Your Solve Concierge will be waiting at your arriving gate ready to help with:

Terminal Transfer Assistance

Finding your connecting flight gate doesn’t have to be stressful when changing terminals. We take into account the time between your flights to get you there in comfort and style.

Expedited Security, Immigration, Customs & Baggage Re-check

Whether you’re transferring to a domestic or international flight, we will expedite any necessary security, immigration, and customs procedures, so you don’t have to worry. Additionally, we will re-check your bags when needed.

Escort to Lounge & Gate

When time allows, get refreshed at the lounge and count on us to get you to your next flight quickly and painlessly. (Lounge entry fee not included in Solve service)

Airport Meet and Assist


Whether you’re returning home or arriving to your vacation or business destination, our arrival service is designed to get you out of the airport quickly and efficiently. Your Concierge will be waiting at the gate and provide escort for:

Fast-Track Immigration

Let us escort you through priority immigration lanes at hundreds of airports worldwide, when applicable. We can help with immigration procedures including visa on arrival. Don’t spend unnecessary time waiting in line or dealing with complicated immigration policies.

Baggage Assistance & Porter Service

We will escort you to the correct luggage carousel and carry your bags through customs to your final ground transportation option.

Customs Control

Your Solve Concierge will whisk you through customs control and advise on any tax minimization strategies pertaining to any valuables you are carrying.

Safe Ground Transportation

We can help arrange safe ground transportation options that fit your budget and traveling party size, as well as advice on staying safe and local customs such as tipping at your destination.


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